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Corvo's Dishonored mask

I remember playing the game soon after it came out, and finishing it in 3 days. And then it took me 3 more days to decide to make the mask! 


Right! So, this project started without a pattern. I didn't even spend time trying to figure out how to make it. I just did stuff! I used a blank full face mask as base, where I spread and shaped clay. I let it dry and cut 2 foam rings (the orange ones) for the lenses. I covered a strip of thick carton with white putty (lowest part on the picture) to prepare the lower jaw piece of the mask. 


I connected the two sides of the face and painted it silver just to see how it looks. I still had a lot of sanding and treating. I also had to add the wires and lenses.

IMG1392 copy.jpg

I then found a white piece of fabric, which I painted dirty brown, and then added it inside, along with the rest of the details. And voila!

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