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Shepard's Mass Effect heavy pistol (M-6 Carnifex)

Oh boy. This was a strange project. I liked the pistol in-game, but I didn't really like the crafting experience - not all of it anyway. It was the first time I was actually dealing with EVA foam and my blades weren't that sharp. I ended up with bad seams, ugly painting, a sticky pistol grip and a lot of stress! I wasn't planning on using the weapon with a costume. I wasn't even planning on crafting a costume. That was at least a year before I decided to make my Shepard cosplay. 



I made my patterns and cut them out of EVA foam, and as I already mentioned: it was bad. I didn't have a lot of experience with it, so some parts weren't straight, others had cutting marks. I even tried going at it with scissors which actually made it worse! The corners weren't sharp and wouldn't align correctly with the other layers.

(Un)fortunately there are no pictures of the early crafting stages of the main body, but at least I had some fun crafting the grip. I glued 3 layers of foam and carved, shaped it and curved it with a rotary tool. Then I covered it with the only textured pleather I had, which was white.


IMG_20140806_232248 copy.jpg

The main body, carved, primed and ready for sanding. This picture looks like a crime scene!


Unfortunately this is the last picture I have from the pistol. After I took the picture, I added the text on the painted parts, glued the grip and put it away. Less than a year later, I threw it out.

Yet another crime scene.

Yet another crime scene.

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