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Adam's Human Revolution visors

This was a very spontaneous project. The idea popped into my head and 3 hours later I was done! I wasn't planning on making a full costume. Luckily I had the materials and paints I needed, so I got to be all the more spontaneous!! I was browsing pictures of the game, about a month after it was released (Sept 2011) and I thought I'd try, since I had an old pair of sunglasses with a broken frame. At least I could use the lenses. 

I designed and cut the pattern in a green piece of foam I had, and shaped the frame out of polymer clay. Cooked it and sculpt it to give it details.

Painted it black, then added the silver and the details, and lastly, I took the lens from my broken sunglasses and I filed it into the correct shape. 

Now the trick was making it stick onto my face, without any special make-up effects or glue. Thanks to the material and how light it was, I was able to attach it with breast tape!

Boob tape y'all!!

Boob tape y'all!!

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