Alcaria Cosplay
Cosplay and Props


Building the Khal Drogo parts and props

This was another commission, and luckily most of the items didn't require fitting or exact measurements. The first thing I crafted was the daggers. I made the hilt out of foam. Made the pattern, cut it connected the parts with superglue. The technique was exactly the same with the elf ears I made. The guard and blade were just flat pieces of craft foam. Then everything was covered with Worbla. 

IMG_20160525_181214 copy.jpg

I did the same thing with the coin belt. Two layers of craft foam: the lower part was the circle and the top part was the horse. Covered it with Worbla and carved/traced the details on the horse. Then everything was primed with Gesso, sanded, painted over and varnished. The coins had to be blackwashed afterwords, to look worn out.


The "skirt" part - thingy was rather tricky. I got canvas fabric and painted it a neutral, beige colour. Then I made a wash with brown acrylic. I added darker brown and spots of black, and before it dried up I crumbled the fabric and wrinkled it.


The most difficult and time consuming part was the belt. I had to cut 22 square pieces, in 3 different sizes, 3 wide straps and 5 metres of very thin straps. All the square pieces had to be glued together, so they'd be thicker, then pierced in the middle and at the long end, for the thin straps' decoration, and cut on the sides for the long, wide straps. This process took me 3 days and it hurt my hands since I didn't have the proper tools.