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Kassandra's Assassin's Creed Odyssey Spear of Leonidas


For this year I decided to take a break from bulky, full body armour costumes. I wanted to focus more on materials and techniques I never tried before. Also I enjoyed playing AC Odyssey and I always wanted to make an ancient Greek helmet. So Kassandra seemed to be the best choice for this year’s big cosplay project and the broken spear of Leonidas the best prop!

The level 3 version of the spear, provided by Ubisoft’s cosplay guide

The level 3 version of the spear, provided by Ubisoft’s cosplay guide

Alright!! As always, patterns first. I made most patterns by hand, since they had to be according to my own body measurements, but the spear and a couple of other patterns were made digitally. I also found wooden, 8mm diameter sticks to reinforce the spine.


I cut out the layout of the full pattern, twice, on EVA 10mm dense foam. I shaved off about half the thickness of the foam on the blade, since the top part had to be rather thin. I glued the two pieces together, with the wooden stick between them. I traced the pattern on the foam and carved out the details. I also found a 3mm solid cardboard very useful for the flat part that’s between the edged gaps on the head. I carved, cut sharp edges, and sanded the whole prop into shape.

003 1.png

Now, before I covered the whole thing with Worbla, I made a few holes and glued magnets in them. I used industrial strength glue just to be safe! I filled the gaps with putty and sanded it to make it flat. The magnet on the head needed to be perfectly placed in the cardboard so that it wouldn’t be visible with the Worbla. It didn’t matter if the other magnets weren’t properly covered because that part would be hidden with a leather strap. I added 2mm craft foam for the extra details on the hilt and covered the whole thing with black Worbla. While the thermoplastic was still warm I carved some battle damage on the surface of the prop.

004 1.jpg

After covering it with Worbla I used a rotary tool to fix the edges and then primed it. Even though the surface was already black, the first layer of paint was black acrylic so that the other layers of paint would blend nicely. I used Rub n Buff for the gold and silver parts and brown acrylic for the hilt. Then I cut a long faux leather strip of fabric, distressed it, painted it brown, and tied it on the handle.

005 1.jpg
006 1.png

When not being used, the Spear is holstered on Kassandra's quiver. This is why I added magnets. I needed to be able to access the weapon quickly, without help, and adding a strap or a holster would be very inconvenient.